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Job Title: Ecological Restoration Team Leader

Position Type: Full Time Permanent

Work Area: New Jersey

Location: Califon, NJ

Salary: $45,000-57,500 (dependent on experience and qualifications) plus benefits

Benefits: Vacation/sick leave, paid holidays, work clothing and footwear allowance, company vehicle, and health, vision, and dental insurance

Job Description:

Shultz Forest Management and Consulting in was founded in 2016 meet the forestry and ecosystem restoration needs of Eastern Pennsylvania and new Jersey.  We work with private individuals, NGO’s, local governments, and state agencies to provide consulting and ecosystem management services. Since the start of the company we have seen consistent grown by expanding our services and the size of our team. We are looking for passionate and motivated individuals to join our team and help us and them continue to grow.

Shultz Forest Management and Consulting is seeking applicants to fill a full time (40+hrs/week) Ecological Restoration Team Leader position. The primary focus of this position is to conduct wetland restoration on private lands in accordance with NJ DEP regulations and perform forest restoration through invasive plant control, tree planting, and timber stand improvement cutting. This position is a leadership role, overseeing the Invasive Plant Interns and Ecological Restoration Technicians, organizing and maintaining equipment and supplies, determining work schedules, overseeing projects according to specifications, and interacting with potential clients to develop plans for future restoration work.

Primary duties include overseeing and participating in projects to meet client needs and specifications, managing schedules for work crews and projects, ensuring all supplies and equipment are ready for each project, meeting with potential and existing clients to assess current and future projects, writing project proposals, and record keeping.  Field work will include invasive plant control through chemical and mechanical treatments, tree planting, seedling/sapling maintenance, timber stand improvement, and other projects on properties throughout New Jersey. Herbicides will be applied with backpack sprayers and ATV using different types of herbicides. Mechanical treatment will involve using weed wrench, loppers, handsaws, and chainsaws. Tree maintenance will involve pruning, removing tree tubes, and re-staking of trees. Crop tree release and timber stand improvement by felling trees with chainsaws. Educational opportunities will be available through trainings and conferences.  The position will include a small amount of out-of-town travel for which hotels will be provided.  This is a managerial as well as a labor-intensive field position, and the employee should expect to spend 60-90% of their time working outdoors.


  • Be able to carry a 30-pound pack over various terrain

  • Lift 50 pounds

  • Maintain a leadership role

  • Work in all weather conditions

  • Be comfortable with encounters with poison ivy, stinging and biting insects, ticks, venomous snakes, and other hazardous conditions common to the forests and wetlands of the area

  • Have experience in identifying eastern U.S. tree species and invasive plant species common to the area

  • Herbicide application experience

  • A bachelor’s of science degree or higher in Forestry, Environmental Science, Conservation Biology, Natural Resource Management or another related program

  • 2+ years of previous work experience is required

  • Valid driver’s license and clean driving record

  • Demonstrate an ability to work independently and in a team environment

  • Strong written and verbal skills

  • Excellent critical thinking and strategic planning skills

  • Detail oriented and flexible

  • Present themselves in a professional business-like manner when interacting with contractors, clients, and the public

  • Applicant must be a legal U.S. resident



  • Aquatic and forestry herbicide license

  • Experience felling trees with a chain saw

  • Ability to maintain and repair equipment

  • Experience with tree planting from bare root to ball and burlap

  • Proficiency with QGIS or similar platform and GPS mapping

  • Training/certification in wetland delineation and restoration

  • Capable of driving trucks and towing equipment trailers in both rural and urban settings


To apply: Please send a résumé and cover letter including three references (work-related) to Jacob Shultz at Résumés will be accepted until the position is filled.  Applicants will only be contacted if an interview or additional information is requested.

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