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Wetland Services


Invasive Plant Control

Invasive plants are a growing problem that threaten to damage our wetlands and alter wildlife habitat. We are the only forestry company in the area to offer these important services that are often neglected by other companies. We offer a variety of treatment options to suit you needs including hand, backpack, and ATV herbicide applications along with mechanical control methods.


Tree Planting and Herbaceous Cover Seeding

Whether for afforestation or riparian buffer projects, planting seedlings is an important part of some wetland restoration projects. Our crew can handle projects of various sizes from just a few dozen to several thousand trees. We work with local native plant nurseries to source trees typically ranging in size from bare-root up to 7 gallon pots. If you would like to plant the trees yourself we can provide the planting site design services to meet your needs. At this time we also can provide broadcast seeding of herbaceous cover but cannot provide drilled plantings.


Site Maintenance

Maintaining a site after establishment is critical to ensure the success of a project. We can perform any necessary work to maintain trees and shrubs, tree and shrub shelters, deer fences, and other general site maintenance.

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